Tuesday, 9 December 2008


What do you know about Parliamentary Supremacy in the commonwealth?

Dr william Shija -The Secretary General of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

I went to meet the secretary General to tell me more about Parliamentary Democracy

I was a guest at his Westminister offices yesterday to find out more about CPA

It was over a working Lunch that i was able to learn about the activities of CPA

I had the opportunity to join the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Paliamentary Association [CPA] in London recently at his office where the secreteriat is located . I wanted to know more about the CPA.He started by saying that CPA is an association of Commonwealth Parlaimentarins who are united by the community of interest ,respect for the rule of law and individual Rights and freedoms ,and by persuit of the positive ideals of parliamnetary democracy irrespective of their Gender , Race , religion or culture.He went on to say that his area of jurisdiction includes responsibility for the interpretation and implemenation of CPA policies and the enhancement of its activities and that he is the secretary to the annual Plenary conference .
On organisation he said that the association is composed of different branches formed in Legislatures in commonwealth countries which subscribe to apriamentary democracy.CPA Branches at the moment are grouped geograpichally into 9 commonwealth regions for representation on the CPA Excecutive committes and for the organisation

On New developments , he said that a new type of democratic process known as Power Sharing has emerged especially in the african continent.And it is emerging as a solution to conflicting parties which are at logger heads over the results of the majority rule in literal meaning.Under normal circumstances , it was the winner or majority who form a Government .In Zimbabwe and Kenya this form of power sharing Governance seem to be working and taken the heat out of the original conflict.He said that this power sharing scheme is welcome one pricipally geared towards political accomodation in Governance .He also said that under this paractice it looks like not only wide representation is guarantted but also political party and individiual Monopoloy is also minimised
He finishes by saing that he is looking forward to september 2009 when Tanzania will host the 55 th Commonwealth Parliamentary conference in Tanzania
CPA secreteriat is located at Westminiter house ,Millbank ,London SW1P 3JA.www.cpahq.org

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