Friday, 7 November 2008

us elections

The following quotes and comments from Chatham House are available for immediate use.
Dr Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House"Mr Obama's first job will be to keep Americans safe and not to please the international gallery. This does not mean that Europeans should resign themselves to be disappointed." Read full comment >>Dr DeAnne Julius, Chairman, Chatham House:"The downward lurch of the US economy during the final month of the campaign undoubtedly helped Mr Obama win the election. Can he now return the favour by arresting the economic decline? The fundamentals are against him." Read full comment >>Alex Vines, Research Director and Head, Africa Programme:"Reining in stratospherically high expectations both from within Africa, and from within his own administration, will be a principal preoccupation for the first years of Obama's Africa policy." Read full comment >>
Dr Gareth Price, Head, Asia Programme:"Barack Obama, whose formative years were spent in Indonesia, in some ways brings greater cultural awareness of the diverse region than any previous president." Read full comment >>
Robin Shepherd, Senior Research Fellow, Europe"There are many unanswered questions on Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine and Russia. Obama needs to put meat on the bone now." Read full comment >>
Dr Claire Spencer, Head, Middle East Programme:"The main headaches for the US administration will remain the three 'Is': Iran, Iraq and the lingering Israel-Palestine conflict." Read full comment >>
James Sherr, Head, Russia and Eurasia Programme:"It is important for the USA that Russia regain's respect for its competence, interests and the judicious use of American power." Read full comment >>Read all comments in full >>