Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Support Operation Black Vote
I’m sure that you, like us at OBV were ecstatic when the news came through that Barack Hussain Obama was elected Commander in chief, President Elect to the United States of America.We hoped he would win, we desired him to do so, but until it was official, (no recount, no hanging chad’s)we knew frankly anything could happen.But Obama had two more special elements beside his brilliance, we never accounted for; the audacity of hope, and a community based campaign machine, the likes of which we have never seen in modern politics.Here we must learn that lesson: belief in ourselves and the ability to organise.That’s why I'm asking you to help redouble OBV’s efforts to ensure we achieve social and racial justice. Our campaigns are already producing more community activists: councillors, school governors and magistrates – two more appointed this week alone. But we can, we must demand more justice, more opportunity, and more grassroot decision.My request therefore is simple, please forward this email to a number of your friends and network lists asking them to support us. All they need to do is forward us their contact details so that we can inform them of events and programmes that might interest them.For example, in less than two weeks time Rev Jesse Jackson will be speaking in London, Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham with a few places still available.Obama’s success tells us: we are stronger when we work together.Send details to: or register online at please visit the New Statesman website to read and comment on the latest OBV article about the Obama effect at: Woolley Director OBV