Friday, 20 February 2015

Goodluck Buhari
Dear Compatriots, Fellow Nigerians,
In order to save democracy, social justice, equity and good governance as well as stop arnachy and mayhem from engulfing Nigeria, APC United Kingdom Chapter in collaboration with all General Muhammadu Buhari Support Groups in the UK will be holding CANDLELIGHT VIGILS FOR DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA IN FRONT OF THE NIGERIAN HIGH COMMISSIONER, 9 NORTHUMBERLAND AVENUE, LONDON, WC2N 5BX every Saturday from now until Elections start in Nigeria on 28th March 2015.
The Candlelight Vigil for Democracy in Nigeria, which will start at 4.30 pm until 7 pm on Saturday, 21st February 2015, will involve Nigerians gather in front of the Nigerian High Commission in London with lit candles burning for democracy in Nigeria, singing songs of solidarity with the long suffering people of Nigeria and praise and worship songs to God Almighty our Creator.
We would be glad if you could join us in this courageous and determined stand against autocracy, abuse of power with impunity, nepotism corruption, insecurity, further elections postponement, the unconstitutional interim government/government of national unity and all anti democratic forces in Nigeria.
We would be grateful if you could join us and give vent to our voices to the world. Thank you.
Yours truly,
Philip Ilenbarenemen
Publicity Secretary, APC UK CHAPTER
For and on behalf of APC and All General Muhammadu Buhari Support Groups.