Thursday, 20 December 2012

20 December 2012
Dear Insight Reader
Dr Worrall is on holiday and will deal with the African National Congress' conference and its policy decisions, etc. on his return to office in January. But given the importance that has been attached to Cyril Ramaphosa's election as the ANC deputy president, and therefore most certainly deputy president of the country - something which Dr Worrall predicted - we feel that you might wish to re-read what he said about Ramaphosa in the last Insight.
Having referred to the importance of the black middle class as an emerging political factor he wrote:
"Now, from a rapidly emerging middle-class to the most intriguing aspect of the ANC conference is the emergence of Cyril Ramaphosa, a supreme personification of middle-class values, as the probable running mate to Zuma and deputy president. Cyril, it should be recalled, was Nelson Mandela's choice to be the country’s first president. It didn't happen, and he went away and developed an impressive business career. However, he remained a factor within the ANC, and the extent of his standing  and influence  was demonstrated in KwaZulu-Natal, a week ago where in that region's election of a candidate to run with Zuma, he obtained over 800 votes to Kgalema Motlanthe' s less than a dozen.
Cyril's election as deputy president of the ANC and therefore the country can only be good. Firstly, it fits into the middle-class phenomenon Sunday Times editor Ray Hartley has so superbly analysed - in fact, it reinforces that transforming development. Secondly, given his business connections it will have an effect on international business and investor confidence; thirdly, given his role in the writing of the South African constitution, his presence at the highest level of power will put an end to the ANC's tendency to play around with undesirable constitutional ideas. And fourthly, his association as deputy chairman of the National Planning Commission - in other words the man behind Trevor Manuel - will put the National Plan upfront and see the National Plan at the heart of the ANC's social and economic policy programme. Aside therefore from the election of an ANC president and deputy president, the most important thing to emerge the Mangaung conference will be a total commitment to the National Plan which, as the veteran economist Raymond Parsons said this week, is what the country needs. It will happen with Cyril upfront."
Prescient words, we think. And from everybody at Insight and Omega we wish you - wherever you are in the world - well over the festive season and health and happiness in 2013.
PS: Expect the first insight for 2013 on 15 January.