Monday, 1 August 2011

Assalaam aleiykum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu.
Just wanted to share with everyone and to wish you all a Successful fasting month of Ramadhaan
Ramaadhaan mubarak.....please remember me in your prayers

10 Quick Steps to Ramadaan

1. Constantly ask Allah for ability (tawfeeq) to benefit from the blessings of Ramadan daily. This should begin in earnest from now.

2. Make a firm determination to abstain from all forms of sin and vice and to avoid frequenting places where sin is committed. Special care should be taken to abstain from the vices of the eyes, ears and tongue as these are the tributaries to the heart and mind.

3. Try to lessen ones mundane engagements and free one’s time for solitude, prayers and company of the pious Ulama.

4. Make a point of dedicating some time of the day or night to sit in the company of pious Ulama and seek their advices and counsel.

5. Utilise the auspicious month of Ramaadan to build and imbibe the Sunnah lifestyle. Memorize and recite the masnoon duas for particular occasions with regularity.

6. Use and manage ones time in a frugal manner. Emancipate oneself from frivolities, futile discussions and activities and occupy oneself in the service of others and in seeking Islamic knowledge.

7. Start reading books and articles on the Ramadaan of our pious Ulama and seniors. In this there is ample motivation.

8. Become cognisant of the actions of the heart. Do everything with a clear intention and purpose.

9. Rid oneself from the harmful traits of anger, arrogance, vulgar speech, hatred and ill feelings for others. Develop patience, humility, gratitude and sincerity.

10. Adopt a practical timetable for one’s activities and remain steadfast upon it. Consult with one’s Sheikh or Mentor in this regard.

If these brief guidelines are adopted with zeal and sincerity there is great hope that Allah will bestow one with the true rewards of Ramadaan and facilitate a bond with His servant for life.