Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Leader of the Revolution conducted a phone call with President, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, of Equatorial Guinea, the current president of AU, within the frame work of following up the measures being taken by African Union in the light of current events in Libya.President Teodoro informed the Leader in the phone call on the latest procedures for forming African finding facts committee to investigate and uncover the facts."A UN Security Council, on the level of presidents, is going to meet in order to discuss and decide the proper resolutions that are not based on facts and news fabricated by foreign media", AU current president Teodro told the Leader.President Teodoro Nguema went on saying through the phone call," African representatives at a UN security council meeting will stress the importance of settling its issues by itself and allowing no foreign intervention in one of its states' internal issues.A number of analysts, following up this events taking place in Libya, began to see the reality of these facts, as well as the foreign media men and correspondents, who are being allowed to enter Libya, after making a number of express interviews with the Leader started to change their previous attitudes referring to the sound attitudes for China, Russia and Algeria towards the events in Libya

Residents in Alsalam Area in Benghazi city revolted against the terrorist bands who had taken the control of the city during the last days.Eyewitnesses in Alsalam area stated that a fight between the terrorist band members, who had seduced the residents of Alsalam area and had spread fear among them, and the residents took place.

Czech Republic announced its categorical refusal for the possibility of executing any military action against Libya.Russian Voice Radio stated yesterday that Czech Republic president, heading his country delegation at an extraordinary summit of EU on last Friday, warned the risk of taking improper resolutions towards the events in Libya such those resolutions sponsored by US government and implemented by NATO against a number of world states
The Leader of the Revolution phoned yesterday Wednesday President, Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz, of Mauritania in the framework of constant talks and cooperation between them on the affairs of common interests.The Mauritanian president in the phone call expressed his solidarity and Mauritanian people's solidarity in facing this conspiracy that targets Libyans' security and stability. President Mohamed went on affirming the Africans concern on settling their issues by themselves and stressing on the importance of standing on the facts that were based on real events and not on fabricated news broadcast by foreign media.

President, Malam Bacai, of Guinea Bissau conducted a phone call today Thursday afternoon with the Leader of the Revolution through which he expressed his solidarity and Guinean people's solidarity with Libyans in countering the conspiracies that are targeting Libyans' security, stability and achievements realized by Elfateh Revolution and the Leader.It is known that this phone call comes within the series of phone calls conducted by most African presidents with the Leader to underline his pioneering role in the unity of Africa and the importance of Great Jamahiriya position in the African continent march towards promoting the presence of African space among other spaces in the world.