Thursday, 24 March 2011

Alana Leissle-BEN TV Interviewing the finance minister of Ghana
Ghana minister of finance was awarded the African finance minister of the year by FT

Team at BEN TV

CPA Sec Gen Dr William Shija

CPA Sec Gen Dr William Shija, Alana Leissle-BEN TV, Luciano-CPA Outside Buckingham Palace

The secretary general of the commonwealth parliamentary association met H.M Queen Elizabeth II this week to update her on the work of the CPA especially the forthcoming annual CPA meeting in July that will be held in the UK. H.M was eager to know about the theme of the conference which is reinforcing democracy, given the fact that this year’s theme of the commonwealth is women as agents of change. Dr Shija briefed her majesty about the topics that will be discussed at the conference which will include immigration, climate change and conflict resolution. Should you need more information about the conference please visit