Thursday, 24 February 2011

Community Projects Africa is a registered UK charity set up in 2003 to provide support for impoverished people living in south and east Africa, predominantly Tanzania

Working with village elders and councils, we support community projects that provide schooling, vocational training, sanitation and safe water supplies.

Integral to their mission and projects is the education of such communities on HIV Aids and assistance for families affected, as well as the promotion of environmentally friendly activities and conservation especiaaly in Tanzania.

The Director of Tanzania Trade center Mr Yusuf Kashangwa in London was also present

The Tanzania High commissioner in London H.E PETER KALLAGHE with other guests at the event
CPA works very closely with the Non Governmental Organisation, the Association For Community Empowerment and Development (ACEDE), in Tanzania.

H.E PETER KALLAGHE nad Mrsd Peter Kallaghe with guests to the event

H.E Peter kallaghe addressed the Congregation
There was also a music performance from a Tanzania Artist based in Reading Berckshire

They believe that working with such a local organisation significantly contributes to the success and sustainability of long term community projects, ensuring that all projects are backed and supported by the local people. To learn more about ACEDE and their work in Tanzania, please do visit their website,

The new deal Africa Director with H.E Kallaghe with a painting bought to raise funds to support education in Tanzania

Community Projects Africa has the following objectives and through these aims, believe that we can contribute towards supporting impoverished communities.

•To relieve poverty, sickness and distress amongst people from socially and economically disadvantaged communities and in particular, people in Africa.
•To develop the capability of said people in such a way that they are better able to identify and help meeting their needs to participate fully in society.
•To relieve unemployment for public benefit in such ways as may be deemed fit.
•To advance education through the provision of educational materials, supplementary education and other activities.
•To promote environmental conservation, protection and improvement through recycling, reforestation, irrigation and other environmentally friendly activities.

Estonian National Day

Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of StateWashington, DC

February 22, 2011


On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Estonia as you celebrate the 93rd anniversary of your independence this February 24.

Estonia has made remarkable progress since the end of the Cold War. Only twenty years after breaking free from Soviet rule, Estonia has been a thriving example for the region. You have replaced foreign tyranny with democracy, adopted the Euro earlier this year and are a shining example of the power of free and fair elections. Next month you will vote on a new parliament, using the world’s first Internet based voting system.

The United States and Estonia have ties of friendship based on common values and interests. We share your commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights. As allies, we stand together in defense of these ideals through economic, humanitarian, and democratic development assistance around the world. Estonia’s progress serves as a model for those yearning for something better for themselves and the generations to come.

As you celebrate your independence, know that the United States stands with you, and we look forward to further deepening our friendship and cooperation in the years to come.