Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hello lads and ladies,

This week we have a buffet of interesting vibe for you

From the latest juicy stories and outrageous, over the top titbits on extreme vibe to random facts in our Fact Files.

If you are an Owen Wilson fan then check out his latest work on screen peek. It just might be the funniest movie since Shrek 3.

Do you fancy a laugh; go to comic corner for some rib-crackers.

Country music is a widely understated genre of music, so this week I sought to find a country hit that might just give you a change of heart towards country. Have a listen to our Track of the week and also sample other tracks in Hit or Miss and tell me whether the artists got it right with these new releases.

Go ahead and write to us on and share you thoughts, suggestions, questions and stories.

Here’s to a vibe-licious week!