Monday, 28 June 2010

Festival UK 2010@ Lee Valley Leisure Complex Centre Edmonton N9 OA
Thus, "Festival" in the Eritrean context has a deep historical meaning.
During the long and bitter struggle years, Eritreans from all over the world gathered every summer in the city of Bologna, Italy for a weeklong celebration which included seminars, folklore events, exhibitions and sports activities. Today, this tradition continues even after Liberation both inside and outside Eritrea.
Eritrean festivals should be well organized both in content and style, it was imperative to have well defined goals and a committee which could shoulder the responsibility to motivate and engage all Eritreans in the region. The Eritrean People Campaign Committee EPCC will host a three-day Festival from 2-4 July, 2010 at the beautiful Lee Valley Leisure Centre in Edmonton.
A Guest of Honor (high level delegate from the government of Eritrea) and H.E. Tesfamicael Gerahtu, Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the United Kingdom and Ireland, will preside over the official opening of the Festival. The annual Eritrean Festival offers a wonderful and unique opportunity to introduce Eritrean cultures and traditions, and meet and share with Eritreans from all over the United Kingdom. It provides participants with a fun and creative environment for networking and discovery.
The audience will get a glimpse into Eritrean culture through colorful cultural performances, music and dance, arts and crafts, exhibitions, educational seminars, discussion forums, as well as fun activities for the children & youth. The UK Eritrean Festival 2010 takes place at a time of great historical and cultural significance to Eritreans. It will depict the socio-economic and traditional values of the people of Eritrea, and promises to be an unforgettable must-see event for all.
The Festival will remain open to the public from Friday 2 July 2010 until Sunday 4 July 2010.
For more Information contact us;-Festival Media Centre
Festival Program Coordinator