Monday, 22 March 2010

The home Minister Meg Hillier Mp with Ayoub mzee
The Home office Minister Meg hillier Mp with Dr Alistiar Soyode


The head of NIDOE and presenter of YOU DECIDE Dr Allister Soyode hosted Mr Ayoub Mzee of new dea Africa and Julliet Opara of connect Africa on his daily show called You decide .This program showcases the cultural ,social and political aspects of the Nigerian people both abroad and at home .

Dr Allister Soyode,Julliet Opara and Ayoub Mzee

In todays Program the issues that were disgusted included the role and relevance of the EFCC which is mandated to cure the menace of currption ,protect national and foreign investment ,discourage ill gotten wealth .

The panel was in the view that crime in Nigeria which includes 419 ,bankfraud ,advanced fee fraud, econimic governess -office abuse is still prominent in the Nigerian society .They went on to say that it looks like the EFCC has been used by the goverment as it publicity stunt department .

They also noted that the EFCC has made positive strides towards curbing corruption of lastely. Mr Femi baba Femi ,the spokes person for the EFFCC t who was online from Abuja said that they are trying their level best in times of conviction.

This is evident when they recovered almost three billion pounds ,180 convictions ,new unit of intelligence ,new technology to fight cyber crime .The general view on the program was that Nigeria is a young democracy and it is only Nigerians who can make the changes that they want to see in Nigeria

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