Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The environmental challenges are tightly linked. None of them can be dealtwith separately, since there are only global solutions, which are now to be consideredat world scale and taking into account the different planetary stakes.Water and energy resources, as well as their access to all inhabitants of the globe,must be envisaged and used in the perspective of climatic challenges.

Objectives of the African Water Association CongressesCoordinate actions for the acquisition and improvement of knowledge of its Members in the Drinking Water, Sanitation and Environment Sector especially in the technical, legal, administrative and economic areas.Facilitate information exchange in all areas dealing with the Drinking Water, Sanitation and Environment Sector particularly in applied research and techniques. Foster and promote all actions of cooperation and exchanges in the field of professional training. Encourage contacts, exchanges and relations between Professionals of the sector in Africa and the World. Provide members utilities with the results of studies, research and surveys in all branches of activity in the Drinking Water, Sanitation and Environment Sector. Encourage measures of general interest that will help upgrade professional skills. Maintain close relations with all regional, continental and international organs devoted to issues