Thursday, 18 March 2010

Is this a mirage in the Middle East? Seemingly out of nowhere emerges an ultra-modern city in the middle of a desert. Dubai City is currently undergoing an unbelievable transformation right in the heart of the Arab world

Using the success of our own Las Vegas as a model that a hostile environment can be tamed to meet man’s will, there is one fairy tale structure after another being built

Among the accomplishments are the Burj Al Arab Hotel, considered the world’s most expensive and beautiful hotel. Nearby you can see the Burj Dubai Tower. When it is completed in 2008, it will become the world’s tallest building. In the middle of the desert you can see the world’s largest theme park being built. Known as “Dubailand”, when finished in 2009 it will feature full size Jurassic Park-style dinosaur recreations among other things. Or you can visit the world’s biggest ski dome at the Mall of the Emirates. That’s right, they are building a ski slope in the middle of the desert.