Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE) denounces the action of a suspected terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab
Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE) wants to make its position clear as the umbrella organization of Diaspora Nigerians in Europe to the entire international community, that we condemn and denounce the action by a Nigerian passenger suspected to be a terrorist - identified as one Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, on a Northwest/Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Detroit, USA. NIDOE condemns any act of terrorism and/or violence in whatever form. Terrorism is an alien concept to Nigerians.
We are grateful and thankful to God that no one was hurt. We applaud the courage and heroism of some of the passengers who put their lives in danger in subduing the alleged terrorist. Nigerians are peaceful, law abiding and friendly people.
NIDOE calls on the Nigerian government, the United States of America and all well-meaning peoples of the world to investigate this act in all its ramifications in order to forestall such occurrences in the future.
NIDOE encourages all Nigerians in Diaspora to be upright, law abiding citizens of their host country and we actively promote integration and positive contributions to our host countries and communities. We will keep a keen eye on the development of this case, and offer any support necessary with the desired outcome to see justice being served as we await further facts of the matter. Thank you.
Benson Osawe Stephania Alofuokhai Ghogomu
General Secretary Public Relations Officer


Half mast -Tanzania House today in London

My New Year's resolution last year was to get myself more organized in my paperwork and in my life. I share this with you as I sit typing at my desk which has way too much paperwork and clutter on it. Clearly, I have failed another resolution.
Last year I got as far as purchasing containers to help me organize. The shopping part of the resolution I liked, but the actual act of organizing failed. Why? Because I find organizing to be one of the most boring activities on the planet, so I lost interest. My empty containers sit in the corner of my office, a nagging reminder of yet another failed New Year's resolution.
My resolutions are always destined to fail because I set resolutions that are in some way a form of punishment for some personal shortcoming. My resolutions are typically about correcting traits that I don't like in myself. I think many popular New Year's resolutions involve people resolving to give up a bad habit or start a healthy one, because they recognize a personal imperfection and want to correct it. Most of us don't follow through on these self-correcting resolutions.
Perhaps part of the problem with resolutions is the inward attempts at personal betterment. There isn't anything wrong with trying to make ourselves better, but maybe if we focus our resolutions on outward goals, we might have more success. Instead of doing things to make ourselves better, we should be committing to something that helps the world and makes the world a better place. Let's face it, the world needs everyone's help.
In the big scheme of things, I am just one person and it seems doubtful that “little old me” could do anything that would possibly impact the world. Yet, the world is made up of a bunch of “little old me’s.” If we all resolve, in the coming New Year, to perform small, kind acts everyday towards our fellow man, the combined collective of selfless acts could have a global impact. If we all direct our energies on outwardly contributing to the world in small ways everyday, it could bring us that much closer to peace and ultimately make us all better people.
Here is my official 2010 New Year's resolution: I resolve to help my fellow man, every day. In big ways and in small, I will lend a hand, not only to my loved ones, but to strangers on the streets.
My mantra for 2010 will be, “How can I help you?”
May all of you have a wonderful, safe New Year!