Friday, 24 April 2015

Destination of the week Kigali
Famously known as the land of a thousand hills, Kigali is among the most attractive capital cities in Africa with lush hillside and flowering trees. It is designed to impress. According to CCTV Africa report, Rwanda’s government ban on the use of plastic bags in 2008 has propelled Kigali to be the cleanest city in the continent.
The land is a testament that peace and order can be restored after the genocide in 1994. Indeed this capital has risen to grace with waves of foreign investment which have sparked a number of ambitious building projects.
Few people visit Rwanda without visiting Kigali. Cosmopolitanism has taken its hold on Kigali. You can spot modern designs and for this reason it is most popular with the foreigners. The Buzz on the streets leaves many visitors with a picture of a very bright future for the city.
The showpiece capital receives visitors from all walks of life from the humble tourist to foreign investors and visiting dignitaries. The city boasts of a population of one million. The Kigali City Masterplan outlines plans for a new city to be built south of the current city centre.
This is the place for you if you are a young church or NGO volunteer especially if it is your fast time to experience Africa. It is an excellent place to bring up your children.

Top 3 places
Gorilla Trekking
Rwanda is home to the unique Mountain Gorilla which can only be found in four locations around the world! The fur of the mountain gorilla, often thicker and longer than that of other gorilla species. The most interesting bit about the Gorilla families are those that consist of exclusively male groups. They can be found in the Virunga Mountains. A word of caution they do not go close to one if you have a flu. Flu is deadly to the Gorilla family.

Grand Legacy Hotel
No tourist should miss a night at the Grand Legacy hotel located just 5 minutes from Kigali International Airport and about a 15 minute drive to the city center. You will get everything you need such as free WIFI, air conditioned room fitted with en suite bathroom, minibar and flats screen. What more could you ask for? Is it the complimentary buffet breakfast? Come and experience enjoyment to it’s fullest!

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Kigali Genocide Memorial is a must see for anyone visiting the country. In fact, if you can only do one thing go there. It is very informative and emotional. No fees are charged when visiting the memorial, however there is an option to make a donation. Interestingly there is a fee to take pictures inside the memorial and an audio guide available as an option for a small fee.