Saturday, 27 April 2013

Press release
Thursday 25th April 2013
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Labour launches campaign for National Memorial to commemorate the conflict in Afghanistan

Labour is today calling on the Government to lead a national effort to construct a national memorial to commemorate the conflict in Afghanistan.

After the fatalities, injuries and level of patriotic commitment shown by our Armed Forces it is only right that their efforts and sacrifices are forever remembered, both for their families and the whole country.

Labour supports offering the public an opportunity to provide ideas on the what form the memorial should take. All innovative ideas on how to make a meaningful memorial which will engage the service communities, military families and the public should be welcome. The process of deciding the design of the memorial can itself be a way of the country engaging with our Forces’ contribution to Afghanistan. A panel, perhaps led by the Chief of the Defence Staff, Prime Minister and leading Service Charities, could judge the final memorial design.

A national, government-led fundraising effort should fund the memorial, alongside funds from the Community Covenant grant scheme.

Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, said:

"It is essential there is meaningful commemoration of our Forces’ painful sacrifice in Afghanistan.

"This must be a national memorial that the whole nation feels part of. The public should be involved from the start so that they can show their sympathy and solidarity. Everyone should have the chance to offer their ideas and insights so we get a truly brilliant memorial.

"I hope the Prime Minister will personally oversee the project.

"Those who give their lives will never be forgotten by their families, and it is right their names live publicly forever."


Money for Cari ng - Not for Drones
·         Saturday 27 April - March to Save Our Hospitals. Meet at Southall Park at 11.30am or Acton Park at 12.30pm. Attend the rally at Ealing Common from 2pm. GWS is meeting the march at Acton Park – look out for our maroon banner.
·         Saturday 27 April - STOP DRONES Lincoln. Coaches from London. Assemble in Lincoln South Park at 12 noon for a march to RAF Waddington, the UK 's new centre of drone operations. This spring, for the first time, Britain will begin operating remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or ‘drones’ from a new facility at the RAF military base in Waddington near Lincoln. Previously Britain has been controlling its armed drones in the skies over Afghanistan from a US base in Nevada . This marks a critical expansion in Britain ’s drones programme. The government will also double its number of armed Reaper drones in Afghanistan . .
·         1 May 7-9pm - Launch of petition Invest in a caring society. A living wage for mothers and other carers. Meeting & Speakout in House of Commons

M23 General Makenga Sultani: We shall not surrender nor accept to be denied rights to exist on our ancestral land!

M23 leader Brig Sultani Makenga (in jacket) under tight security in Bunagana
M23 leader Brig Sultani Makenga (in jacket) under tight security in Bunagana
We fight for our rights,we have to defend our lives, unless if the world believes that we must accept arbitrary arrests,and extermination of our families from the face of the Congo! We shall not surrender nor accept to be denied rights to exist on our ancestral land! Says Gen Sultan Makenga M23 Military Leader!