Tuesday, 31 July 2012

 Today i had the  honor  to  visit the Sheffield English  institue  for  sport  which is one of the largest sport, leisure and entertainment companies in Europe, specialising in outstanding spectator and participation events.Its  also  the  home  of  team GB

There are records of earlier forms of football being played in China that date back almost 2000 years; and a form of the game was enjoyed in ancient Greece and Rome. However it was in England that this sport was to take shape and become the game the world now recognizes as football.

 Right here, right  now.Im   standing  in the  middle  of  the  oldest foot ball club  in  the  world
By the mid 19th century the game had evolved somewhat with various Public Schools and Universities who introduced their own idiosyncratic laws that co-existed.

In  my  hands  is  a  copy  of  the  first  football  club  rules  and  regulations

What was needed though was a strong set of individuals to impose a standard set of laws and that is precisely what happened in Sheffield.

Ayoub  mzee  with  presumably   the  oldest football in  the  world  according  to  sheffield  FC  records 

Sheffield Football Club’s influence on the modern game cannot be overstated. They have pioneered the writing of a commonly accepted set of rules, played a key role in the formation of the FA and were involved in a host of innovations such as the first crossbar, the first corner kick, the first free kick and the first floodlit match.