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The Daily Telegraph

COVER STORY: 'An end to life in prison for all murders'
A justice minister has indicated that automatic life sentences for murders might be scrapped as part of a larger review of the legal system that will break 'murder' down into 'first' and 'second' degree murder. (Link)
'Billionaire 'Mossad spy' in fear days before fatal fall' p.13
An Egyptian billionaire, Dr. Ashraf Marwan, has been accused of spying for Israel's Mossad; a week before his 'accidental' death he had warned his wife that his enemies were seeking to kill him.
'Pakistan to pull plug on TV tyrants' p.14
Proposed new laws banning live coverage of terror attacks and anti-state remarks by Pakistan's Islamist 'shock jocks' may be implemented; however, the move might also dampen healthy criticism of the government in the process.
'Allies try to win over Taliban fighters' p.14
British and American generals in Afghanistan in conjunction with the Karzai administration have been working to create plans to persuade up to 36,000 Taliban fighters to lay down their weapons by 2015, a program that will be implemented with 'hundreds of millions of pounds of foreign aid' and will be agreed upon at the Kabul conference next week.
'Al-Qaeda link to Uganda bombings' p.15
'Somali Islamists' linked to Al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the Uganda bombings that took place during the World Cup Final on Sunday that killed at least 74 individuals. The event marks the fault lines still in existence in Somalia and the conflict that threatens to spill across its neighbour's borders. (link)
'Israel made Gaza flotilla 'mistakes'' p.16
An internal military investigation has found that senior level officials 'made mistakes' in the planning and execution of Israel's raid on Gaza.
'Sudan president accused of genocide' p.16
The International Criminal Court yesterday charged President Omar Al-Bashir with three counts of genocide in Darfur, the first-ever issuing of such charges by the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal. (link)
The Guardian
COVER STORY: 'Warnings as pro-market NHS unveiled' The government today unveiled a radical, pro-market agenda in healthcare with proposals to encourage hospitals to increase private income and give GPs responsibility for "buying" medical services. (link)
'New interrogation policy faces early legal challenge' p.4
Lawyers acting for Iraqi civilians threaten judicial review over failure to ban hooding. The government's interrogation guidelines for intelligence officers are facing their first legal challenge, less than a week after they were published as part of David Cameron's attempt to signal a break with the counter-terrorism practices of the Labour administration. (Link)
'Ministers exaggerated Saddam threat, diplomat tells enquiry' p.10
Former diplomat Carne Ross says exaggeration, accretion and editing of intelligence documents led to lies in threat assessment. (Link)
'Soldier jailed for refusing to go back to Afghanistan is freed'p.11
A soldier who was jailed after refusing to return to Afghanistan because he opposed the war was released from prison yesterday.(Link)
'Israel blames poor planning and intelligence mistakes for flotilla disaster' p.14
Flawed preparation played key role in tragic outcome of Israel's assault on Gaza-bound flotilla, says inquiry. (Link)
Uganda bomb blasts kill at least 74' p.15Somali Islamist militants claim responsibility for worst attack in east Africa since US embassy bombings in 1998. (Link)
'Omar al-Bashir charged with Darfur genocide'p.15
Hague court issues arrest warrant for Sudanese president, adding international pressure to further isolate regime. (link)
COMMENT: Jonathan Steele: 'Cameron must make the case for talks with the Taliban' p.24
Obama's mantra is that there is a political fix for Afghanistan. The PM's job in the US next week is to help him realise it. (link) The Times
COVER STORY: 'Fear and loathing at No 10'
Gordon Brown was allowed to take Labour to defeat at the general election despite the belief of many of his Cabinet colleagues that he could not win. (Link)
OPINION:'Sakineh Ashtiani' p.2
Iran’s decision to suspend the execution by stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is welcome but does not mean her death sentence has been lifted. (Link)
'Bomb plot men get life' p.4
At Woolwich Crown Court, three men were given life sentences for plotting to kill hundreds of people in a terrorist attack.'
'‘Iran has kidnapped my daughter and shut her in hellhole prison as a hostage’' p.25
A young American woman who has been incarcerated for a year in Tehran’s infamous Evin prison was abducted by the Iranians before being used as a bargaining chip and subjected to psychological torture, her mother said yesterday. (link)
'Stoning woman smuggles out thanks' p.25
The Iranian woman who was saved from death by stoning after an international outcry has smuggled a message out of prison thanking the world for its support but expressing fears that she will be hanged instead. (link)
'Islamist terror group claims responsibility for World Cup bombings' p.27
A Somali insurgent group with links to al-Qaeda claimed responsibility last night for co-ordinated bomb attacks in the Ugandan capital Kampala that killed scores of football fans watching Sunday’s World Cup final. (Link)
'Israelis made mistakes but Gaza aid flotilla was armed, general says' p.31
An Israeli military investigation into raid on an aid boat for Gaza found that mistakes were made in the intelligence gathering and decision-making processes but it also accused activists of firing at the boarding party. (link)
The Independent
COVER STORY: 'Financial control devolved to GPs in huge NHS reform "gamble"'The NHS is going to undergo the sixth major reform of service in 20 years in the government's aim to delivery better quality health care. Healthy Secretary Andrew Lansley's white paper titled Liberating the NHS reveals that 25,000 GPs will take charge of the bulk of the £105bn budget in a bid to remove extra layers of bureaucracy. (link)
'Police payout for men beaten at Gaza protest'
Two protestors beaten by unidentified police during a Gaza protest January of last year have been compensated with £25,000 from the Metropolitan police. Police have also written a letter to twin brothers Ashley and Russell Inglis stating that they 'should not have been struck with a baton.' (link)
'Two jailed for life over liquid bombs'
Ibrahim Savant, Arafat Waheed and Waheed Zaman were jailed for life yesterday after being convicted of conspiring to murder hundreds of people by blowing up seven transatlantic airliners with liquid bombs. (link)
'Egyptian Islamists attempt to draw veil over "salacious" masterpiece'
Member of the 'Islamist Lawyers without Shackles' group Ayman Abdel Hakeem wants to censor the tales told in the Arabian Nights because the epic contains 'profantities which can not be acceptable in Egyptian society.' (link)
'Flotilla deaths were a "mistake," says IDF report'The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has commissioned a report stating that the killing on nine Turks in a raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla was a "mistake." Although the full details of the report have not been published, the IDF also defends the use of live ammunition by commandos and congratulates them on their "professionalism, bravery and resourcefulness." (link)
Al Jazeera
COVER STORY: 'New cap placed over gushing BP well' Energy giant BP has installed a new cap atop a ruptured deep-sea oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, which it is hoped will stop the flow of oil after almost three months. (Link)
'Al-Shabab claims Uganda bombings'Somalia's al-Shabab group has said it carried out twin bomb attacks that killed at least 74 people in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. (Link)
'ICC charges Bashir with genocide'
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has added genocide to the list of charges against Omar al-Bashir, the president of Sudan. (Link)
'Abducted Iranian seeks return'
A nuclear scientist that the Iranian government claims was abducted by US agents has taken refuge in the Pakistani embassy in Washington DC, Iranian state media has reported. (Link)
'Report: 2010 worst for Afghanistan'
The current year has been the most violent in Afghanistan since the US-led forces invaded the land-locked central Asian country in 2001, an Afghan rights group has said. (Link)
'Israel: Use of live fire justified'
An Israeli military investigation into the raid on a flotilla of Gaza-bound aid ships has concluded that "the use of live fire" that killed nine activists "was justified". (Link)
The Evening Standard (12th)
COVER STORY: 'The sewer camp of Westminster'MPs have accused protesters in Parliament Square of turning the World Heritage site into a sewer after the High Court delayed the order for them to be evicted.
'We can't move £2000 a week benefits family until the rules change' P.10A family of former asylum seekers getting £2,000 a week in housing benefits to live in a £2.1 million Kensington three-story home will be allowed to stay, the government revealed today. The Department for Work and Pensions said the Abdi and Sayruq Nur could stay at least until April next year when the rules change and a limit on housing benefit is imposed.
The Daily Mail
LEAD STORY: 'Migration and high birth rates will increase UK population by 2051'New research by academics at the University of Leeds suggests the population of the UK could reach nearly 80 million by the middle of this century. High levels of immigration, birth rates and people living longer will all be contributing factors. (Link)
'Fined for your burka? I'll pay'
French Muslim businessman Rachid Nekkaz is setting up a fund to help women pay fines for wearing the burka. MPs in France are to vote today on whether to ban the full face veils. (Link)
'Chilcot: ask for an inquest into Dr Kelly's death'
The head of the Iraq war inquiry has called for a full inquest into the death of the weapons inspetor Dr David Kelly. (Link)
The Sun

LEAD STORY: 'Asylum dad defends posh pad'
An unemployed Somali man living with his family in a £2million house paid for by the government has responded to negative reports by stating that the arrangement is fair. (Link)
'Jet blast 3 get life'Three British Muslims linked to a terror plot to blow up 19 passenger jets were jailed for life yesterday. The men from east London were found guilty of conspiracy to murder at Woolwich crown court.
'UK '20% migrants''New research suggests that ethnic minorities will make up a fifth of the UK's population by 2051. Experts claim the population is likely to rise up to 78 million by the middle of this century.
'Osama love-in'A British surrogate mother who is pregnant with Osama Bin-Laden's grandchild has fallen in love with another relative of the al-Qaeda leader. (Link)

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