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UK Muslim Media Network News Summary 21st May 2010
The Daily Telegraph

COVER STORY: 'Higher taxes on holidays, marriage and driving'
Coalition government unveiled plans for new taxes yesterday that will affect the middle taxes but protect low wage earners and help reduce Britain's debt. (Link)
'Hollywood film blames Britain for war in Iraq' Fair Game, a new thriller based on the memoirs of a former CIA agent, claims that it was British intelligence that led America to war; the film won a large ovation at Cannes. (Link)

The Guardian
COVER STORY: 'Hague orders inquiry into torture claims'Judge will investigate allegations that UK was complicit in abuse of detainees. (link)
'Mothers of jihad hikers urge Iran to show mercy'
Iran was yesterday urged to make a humanitarian gesture and free three American hikers accused of being spies and held in prison for almost 10 months. (link)
'Pakistan bans YouTube over display of Muhammed images'
Some of the world's most popular websites were blocked in pakistan yesterday as officials sought to restrict access to images depicting the prophet Muhammed. (link)The Times
COVER STORY: 'Rape case defendants to be given anonymity'

Defendants in rape cases are to be granted anonymity in an unexpected move that women’s groups immediately branded an insult. (Link)
'British family killed in Pakistan'

Three members of a British family were shot dead in Pakistan yesterday while visiting the country for a wedding. (link)

'Cartoonist draws a line under contest to picture Prophet' p.32

It took Molly Norris only half an hour to draw the Prophet Muhammad in the likeness of a coffee cup and a box of pasta. Little did the 49-year-old cartoonist suspect that she was about to ignite an international storm about freedom of speech, Islam and the internet. Ms Norris now wants nothing to do with “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” and wishes it would all just go away. (link)

'Afghan officials met insurgent representatives in Maldives'

An Afghan Government delegation has met representatives of Afghan insurgent groups in the Maldives, it was claimed yesterday, and is to do so again this weekend. The alleged talks were confirmed by Maldives Government officials. (Link)

'American hikers held in Iran have emotional meeting with mothers'

Three American hikers imprisoned in Iran and accused of spying were reunited yesterday with their mothers for the first time in ten months at an emotional meeting in Tehran. (Link)

'Pakistan blocks YouTube in ‘sacrilege’ row'
Pakistan blocked access to YouTube yesterday, condemning “growing sacrilegious content” on the video-sharing website in the latest twist of an intensifying international debate over Islam and freedom of speech online. (link)
'Analysis: what next for the great firewall of Pakistan?'

Are we seeing the creation of the Great Firewall of Pakistan? In extraordinary moves, the country’s authorities first blocked Facebook, and then YouTube. The two websites stand accused of containing images of the Prophet Muhammad that are deemed blasphemous. (link)
The Independent
COVER STORY: 'After 15 years of trying, a controversial scientist has made an artificial, living cell. The implications for the future of humanity are so huge as to be scarcely imaginable...' Scientists have succeeded in creating artificial life in a test tube, in a development which promises to revolutionise biotechnology. (link)
'I want no one else in Israel ever to be hurt by a landmine'
The Knesset has been moved to begin clearing some of its 260,000 mines by a remarkable 11-year-old. (link)
'US hikers jailed in Iran briefly reunited with their mothers' Three Americans jailed in Iran for 10 months hugged and kissed their mothers in an emotional reunion yesterday after the women arrived on a mission to secure the release of their children. (link)
Al Jazeera
COVER STORY 'Asian stocks slip on economy fears'
Stock markets in Asia have slumped in early trade, amidst ongoing concerns about the economic recovery in the US and the stability of the euro. (Link)
'Ethiopia rejects Egypt Nile claim'
Ethiopia's prime minister has rejected a threat by Egypt to prevent the building of dams and other water projects upstream on the Nile river (Link)
'Mothers ask Iran to free US hikers'
The mothers of three US citizens held in Iran for 10 months amid spy accusations have called for their release as a "humanitarian gesture" following a reunion with their children. (Link)
'Maldives host Afghan peace talks'
Senior Taliban leaders arrived in the Maldives to participate in unofficial talks about resolving the crisis in Afghanistan; President Karzai unhappy about talks. (Link)
'Pakistan blocks access to YouTube'
Pakistan has blocked YouTube indefinitely, claiming it contains sacrilegious material; ban comes after a previous ban on Facebook after a competition to draw the Prophet Mohammed went live yesterday. (Link)
'Turkey 'bombs Kurd targets' in Iraq'
Turkish fighter jets bombed Kurdish separatists in northern Iraq; article quotes that the attacks, happening since 2007, have been occurring with the support of the US military. (Link)
The Evening Standard (20th)
COVER STORY: '15 days of BA strikes back on'
The Court of Appeal lifted a ban on a series of British Airways cabin crew strikes yesterday which will cause thousands of air passengers disruption to scheduled flights. (Link)
'Abbott and Burnham step forward to spice Labour leadership race' p.4Ms Abbott, as the only woman to enter the race, is attracting support from "women and MPs who want to see a more diverse range of candidates". (Link)
'If I am sent back to Iran I will be executed' p.9
Kiana Firouz, a lesbian actress, who plays a lesbian seeking asylum in Britain in a newly released film, could have her asylum appeal rejected and be forced to return to Iran, where it is likely she will be put in danger. (Link)
'Pakistan blocks 'sacrilegious' YouTube' p.24
Pakistan blocked access to YouTube yesterday because of 'sacrilegious' content, signalling a growing internet crackdown against sites deemed offensive to the country's majority Muslim population. Access to Facebook, Wikipedia and Flickr have also been restricted. (Link)The Daily Mail
COVER STORY: 'Artificial life created in lab'
Scientists have created artificial life in a laboratory, which have led to accusations they are tampering 'with the essence of life'. Craig Venter, biologist and entrepreneur has made a synthetic cell from scratch. (Link)
'Hague orders a full probe into 'torture' of terror suspects' p.2
William Hague has announced that the coalition Government will set up a full judicial probe into allegations that Britain was complicit in the torture of terrorist suspects during Labour's time in power. (Link)
'Diane Abbott enters the running to lead Labour' p.24
Diane Abbott announced her candidacy for the Labour leadership yesterday, accusing the existing candidates of all being too similar, "Labour's more diverse than that" she claims. (Link)
'Migrant accused of killing husband in fireball flees to Britain to live on benefits' p.33
A Pakistani woman living on benefits in the UK despite facing a murder charge in her home country is facing demands from MPs to return her there to face trial. (Link)
The Daily Mirror

COVER STORY: 'Ronan Cheating'

'He admits to affair as 12 year marriage ends' (link)

The Sun

COVER STORY: 'Was Ronan Cheating?'

Furious wife accuses him of cheating and throws him out of the family home (link)

'Killer mum in suicide attempt'

Killer mother slashed her wrists in a bid to commit suicide after smothering her kids with a plastic bag (link)

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