Saturday, 1 May 2010

Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Harriet Harman and other cabinet ministers launch Labour’s final week message

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, Deputy Leader Harriet Harman and other cabinet ministers were joined today by more than 100 students in Birmingham to unveil Labour’s final week campaign message.
To see Labour's new campaign posters, please click here.
They describe the immediate and specific risks posed by a Conservative Government. This big choice election is about protecting the future of families with Labour or putting that future at risk with the Tories – losing the Child Tax Credit and Child Tax Fund; ending the two-week cancer treatment guarantee; and the risk to police numbers and schools.The posters personalise these risks in an appealing and emotional way. They demonstrate how much every family in Britain stands to lose if a Conservative Government is elected. Gordon Brown said:"This election is a big choice. About protecting the future of your family, or putting that future at risk."These posters display our commitments to every person in Britain. Labour will protect your child tax credit; protect your child trust fund; protect your 2 week cancer guarantee; protect your police; and protect your schools."Next Thursday it is vital to secure the future of your family, not put it at risk."Harriet Harman said:“Next week the country faces a big choice. To protect our future, or put that future at risk. And that’s what we’re talking about today. About our commitment to the families of Britain. To protect the public services they rely on.“Their schools, and police. Their guaranteed standards in the NHS. And the support that helps parents through tough times, and ensures all children have a nest egg to fall back on.
"These are our concrete commitments to Britain’s families. And what is at stake on 6 May.”Peter Mandelson said:“I’ve seen many election campaigns. But never has the agenda of the last seven days of a campaign been so clear. And we owe that to last night’s debate. “Gordon’s was a barnstorming performance. And the choice facing the country now couldn’t be clearer. • Securing the recovery.• Protecting our public services. • Fairness in taxation.• Support for families. “Gordon won the argument on recovery and on our public services. He spoke up for fairness on taxation. And he warned of the danger to families. And those are our messages today, and every day to polling day. “The Tories a risk to the recovery. With Labour the recovery secured, creating jobs and bringing down the deficit. The police and schools safe under Labour. “The Tories, planning tax cuts for millionaires. Your tax credits and child trust funds protected with Labour. “Clear choices. Choices we will take street to street, door to door.”
Alistair Darling said:“What we offer are clear commitment and sound judgement. The recovery, getting growth going, is the single most important issue for families. Taking the right choices now to secure the recovery with Labour, or taking a gamble with the Conservatives. “That’s why the recovery is on the ballot paper next week. Because if we don’t get it right now and see growth return, we can’t protect our frontline services, keep people in their jobs and families in their homes. “The last two years have been hard. Firms, families and Government have had to make some tough decisions. And there will be more in the years to come. “We will get borrowing down. With fair tax rises clearly set out, that mean we can do this while protecting key public services. “Because I’m clear. We can’t cut the deficit at the price of families’ safety – so we have protected the police. And our children’s future is too important to leave to chance – so I’ve prioritised our schools. “The Tories refuse to make these commitments to our police and our schools. And they would strip away our two week cancer guarantee. “So a recovery secured, a steady hand guiding the economy, and schools and the police protected. That’s why next Thursday is vital to secure the future of your family.” Yvette Cooper said:“Looking after our families, bringing up our kids, is for most of us the most important thing in our lives. We’ve always made helping families a central part of Labour’s campaigns:• Surestart• Maternity pay• Free nursery for 3 and 4 year olds“And never more so than in this election.Where the priorities of others could not be more clearly demonstrated than by their plans to cut back support for children. While they offer giveaways for the richest few. “The Tories want to take the Child Trust Fund away from families on just £16,000. Nurses, squaddies, receptionists. But push ahead with their first priority, an inheritance tax cut for 3,000 millionaires. “And they want to cut back the Child Tax Credit. Taking over £500 a year from families on middle incomes, to give tax breaks to 1 in 3 married couples. “It’s unfair, irresponsible and out of date. And on these cuts the Conservatives and Lib Dems agree. So on 6 May, your Child Trust Fund and Tax Credits are only protected with Labour.”