Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mandela Day Volunteering 2010 - What could you do in 67 minutes the commemorative day itself has come and gone, but now what? Do you still strive for liberation and world freedom?The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution which recognises "Mandela Day" on 18th July. Mandela Day involves people pledging to volunteer 67 minutes of their time for worthwhile causes based around 5 specific themes: • Human Rights & Civil Liberties • Hunger and Poverty• Education and Literacy• Health Issues & Medicine• Environment, Ecology and Energy ConservationWe are looking to draw together a number of key stakeholders from the voluntary and community sector, key black VCS organisations, government departments, schools and other relevant organisations to support and raise further awareness of Mandela’s legacy charities. We are currently identifying global community projects who want to be involved in promoting Mandela Day. Our partners to date include Business in the Community MERLIN programme, The 100 Black Men of London, Learning Skills and Training Consultancy, and Black History Walks.We are encouraging people to pledge 67 minutes of their time throughout the year not just on the 18th July itself. The number 67 relates to how many years Mandela has invested in changing the political consciousness of the world and fighting against apartheid for liberty, freedom and justice for all.If you are interested in volunteering or have a volunteering opportunity you would like us to publicise, please email worldfreedom46664@ and you will be sent an application form.For more information please visit our website http://www.theaudac ityofworldfreedo Walk GoodAudrey