Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ambassador Jean Mfasoni, Secretary General of the African Union Commission, held a press conference today January 21st 2014 at the African Union Commission headquarter in Addis Ababa. He disclosed the key events, major expectations, personalities to make appearances and mentioned a number of critical issues of concern that will be discussed at the 22nd African Union Summit from the 21st to the 31st of January. 
In his outline of the major events, the Ambassador  mentioned the upcoming election of a new Chairperson of the African Union. Three Deputy chairpersons and a rapporteur will also be elected.
The Secretary General announced that the 9th AU gender summit will be held from 21st to the 23rd January alongside the meetings of the Permanent Representative Committees The Ministerial retreat of heads of council, which will be carried out from 24th January till the 26th was also mentioned as a major segment of the summit.
The Assembly of Heads of State and Government will be held on January 30, followed by the African Solidarity Conference which is focused on “African solutions for African problems” on February 1, with a particular concern for post-conflict countries on the continent.
Mr. Mfasoni also briefed the media on the personalities whose presence as guests of honor is expected for the summit. The Prime Minister of South Korea, the Presidents of Haiti and Palestine, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Foreign Ministers of African and non-African states and heads of AU organs are among the expected guests of honor and guest speakers to attend the Summit of Heads of States.
As for the major issues of concern for the assembly, agricultural transformation and food security, is Africa’s theme of the year 2014, said the Ambassador. This will be promoted so as to promote the development of member states. Other major topics for the summit as announced by the Secretary General include reflecting on Agenda 2063, peace and Security, review of Operation of Africa’s Peace and Security Architecture, inter-Generational dialogue, water, sanitation, Integrated African Maritime Strategy 2015, And Pan-African initiative of E-Network and education.