Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Concert Series

Kayageum & Guitar

Korean Cultural Centre UK: Multi Purpose Hall

Friday 21st October 2011
7pm- 8:30pm

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Press Listings:
Friday, October 7th - Saturday, December 18th

Third Annual Black Panther Film Festival

Voices of Political Prisoners

Free 'Em All

Legacy of Torture: The War Against The Black Liberation Movement

Post Screening Panel with Black Panther Party Members

(10/07) 7:00PM

Third Annual Black Panther Film Festival

Interview Excerpt with Assata Shakur
A Visit with Kamau Sadiki

Eyes On the Rainbow

The Spirit of the Black Panther Fallen Comrades

Video Tribute to Past Political Exile Michael Tabor
In The Land Of The Free

Post Screening Panel with Black Panther Party Members

Closing Reception with Legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa (10/08) 4:00PM

Documentary in Bloom
Curated by Livia Bloom
Seven Songs For Malcolm X &
The Last Angel of History
(10/10) -(10/16) 7:30PM

Congo in Harlem 3

Curated by Friends of the Congo, True-Walker Productions, and Maysles Cinema


DocWatchers Special!

Curated by Hellura Lyle


In Celebration Of Al Maysles' 85th Birthday!

(11/07) 7PM


Curated by Hellura Lyle

Promised Land

(11/14) 7PM

Documentary in Bloom

Presented by Livia Bloom


(12/12- 12/18) 7:30pm

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Friday, October 7th, 7:00pm
3rd Annual Black Panther Party Film Festival

Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the founding of the BPP

THEME: Remembering our Political Prisoners

Voices of Political Prisoners

The Freedom Archives, 2000, 40 min. excerpt

Nuh Washington - Call Me Nuh & Last Statement

Jalil Muntaqim - Voice of Liberation


Free Em' All

Compilation of inspiring speeches from various political prisoners.


Legacy of Torture: The War Against The Black Liberation Movement

Andreas Alegria, Claude Marks & The Freedom Archives, 2005, 28 min.

In 1973, thirteen alleged "Black militants" were arrested in New Orleans connected to events in San Francisco. Some of them were tortured for several days by law enforcement authorities, in striking similarity to the horrors visited upon detainees in Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib. In 1975, a Federal Court in San Francisco threw out all of the evidence obtained in New Orleans. The two lead San Francisco Police Department investigators from over 30 years ago, along with FBI agents, have re-opened the case. Rather than submit to proceedings they felt were abusive of the law and the Constitution, five men chose to stand in contempt of court and were sent to jail. They were released when the Grand Jury term expired, but have been told by prosecutors that "it isn't over yet." This is the story to date: of history, repression, and resistance.

Post Screening Panel with moderator King Downing, Cisco Torres (San Francisco 8), Ashanti Alston (BPP) and Russell Shoats Jr. (son of Political Prisoner Russell Shoats Sr.)

Saturday, October 8th, 4:00pm

3rd Annual Black Panther Party Film Festival

Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the

founding of the BPP

THEME: Remembering our Political Prisoners

Interview Excerpt with Assata Shakur


A Visit with Kamau Sadiki

Excerpt from political prisoner Kamau Sadiki's visit with his daughter.


Eyes of the Rainbow

Gloria Rolando, 1997, 45 min.

Eyes on the Rainbow deals with the life of Assata Shakur, the Black Panther and Black Liberation Army leader who escaped from prison and was given political asylum in Cuba, where she has lived for close to 15 years. This film also covers Afro-Cuban beliefs and culture, including the Yoruba Orisha Oya, goddess of the ancestors, of war, of the cemetery and of the rainbow.

Post screening panel with moderator Cleo Silvers, Rosemari Mealy (BPP), Pam Hanna (BPP) and her daughter Ksisay Torres and granddaughter Youri




The Spirit of the Black Panther Fallen Comrades

Video Tribute


Video Tribute to past political exile Michael Tabor


In The Land Of The Free

Vadim Jean, 2010, 84 min.

This 2010 documentary (narrated by Samuel L. Jackson) is about the Angola 3, three prisoners who while serving their time in Angola State Prison (the United States' most notorious penal colony) joined the BPP and participated in non- violent resistance campaigns protesting the terrible conditions, prisoner abuse and sexual slavery rampant inside the prison. As a result they were falsely accused of murder while in prison and have all been, with the exception of Robert King who was released in 2001, serving the last 38 years in solitary confinement.


Closing Reception with Legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa

Thursday, October 13th, 6:30pm
The Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association and the Maysles Cinema Present:

The Best of the New York International Children's Film Festival, Anime Caribe and the CariBBeing Film Festival's Animated Shorts

@ the Richard Rodgers Amphitheater in Marcus Garvey Park

(122nd Street and Mt. Morris Park West/Fifth Ave)


Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church

(15 Mount Morris Park West at 122nd Street)

100 % FREE
Strictly for the Young and the Young at Heart!!!!!!

The Best of the New York Children's International Film Festival

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
Dean Fleischer-Camp, 2010, 3 min.
An up-close and personal interview with Internet video star Marcel, a tiny shell with one eyeball, two shoes, and a really great

Don't Go
Turgut Akacik, 2010, 4 min.
Awesome, thumpy, electronic disco music propels this non-stop chase scene of a movie - as a cute, pink-bellied, one-eyed CGI bunny gets chased around an apartment by a live action black cat.

Renaud Hallee, 2009, 2 min.
Falling objects are synchronized to produce rhythms and patterns.


Malena Modéer, 2010, 4 min.Colorful stop motion, goofy live action, surreal homemade sets, and a ridiculous pigeon costume come together to humorous effect in the story of Johnny - a hilariously narrated, tongue-in-cheek fable about what happens to little boys who don't drink their milk!

Book Girl and Cabinet Girl

Jane Wu, 2010, 3.5 min.Two girls realize the value of their friendship after a journey of broken hearts, torn pages and reconciliation.


Patrick Jean, 2010, 2.5 min.
Old school video game icons take pver New York City ( and the world) in this music video for French techno-popa band Naive New Beaters.

The Lost Thing
Andrew Ruhemann/Shaun Tan,2010,15.5 min
A boy encounters a strange creature on a beach and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to think about. This beautifully animated film comes from Passion Pictures, producers of past NYICFF favorites City of Paradise and Dog Who Was a Cat Inside.

Rob Silvestri, 2010, 4 min.
Ormie is a Pig, in every sense of the word. Pig see cookie. Pig want
cookie. But they are out of reach... or are they?

The Deep
PES, 2010, 2 min.
Metallic objects come to life in the depths of the sea, in the newest
film from New York's brilliant stop-motion artist PES - whose past
NYICFF selections include Western Spaghetti, Dogs of War, and Game

The Best of Anime Caribe and the CariBBeing Film Festival's Animated Shorts

Jerk Chicken
Samuel Stewart, 2010, 6 min.
Jerk Chicken is an animated comedic short that explores the work day of a Jamaican jerk chicken chef named Ron. However, Ron's passion for his craft is short lived as the frustrations of the chicken eventually emerge.

How Anancy Became Famous
Andrew Davies and Ananse Animation Project, 2010, 4:41 min.
Most times Anancy, without working hard, without playing by the rules, comes out on top. He has a way of getting into scrapes and a
wonderfully cunning way of getting out of them. Anancy also represents the resilience and survival instinct of a people who can come through any situation.

Kina Sky
Corretta Singer, 2009, 6:13 min.
A robot girl trapped on a floating island longs for freedom and
finally her dream comes true after a stroke of inspiration.

Krik Krak Anansi
Camille Selvon Abrahams, 2010, 7 min.
Anansi is not amused when he hears Brer Monkey announce that there is a shortage of Bananas. This is by far his favorite food and he cannot stand to have to share. But as usual he concocts a mischievous plan.Pretending to be selfless and caring Lil Anansi tricks his friends into giving him quarter of each of their Bananas. Little does Anansi know that what goes around comes around.

October 10th - October 16th at 7:30pm

Presented by Livia Bloom

Two Films by John Akomfrah: Seven Songs for Malcolm X and The Last Angel of History

In conjunction with the theatrical premiere of John Akomfrah's The Nine Muses (2011) at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Maysles Cinema presents the U.S. theatrical premiere of two foundational films by the British-Ghanaian pioneer filmmaker.

Seven Songs For Malcolm X

Dir. John Akomfrah, produced by the Black Audio Film Collective, 1993, 52 min.

An homage to the inspirational African-American leader. Seven Songs for Malcolm X collects testimonies, eyewitness accounts and dramatic reenactments to tell the life, legacy, loves, and losses of Malcolm X. Featuring interviews with Malcolm's widow Betty Shabazz, Spike Lee, and many other, SEVEN SONGS looks for the meaning behind the resurgence of interest in the man whose X always stood for the unknown.

The Last Angel of History

Dir. John Akomfrah, 1996, 45 min.

An examination of the relationships between Pan-African culture, science fiction, intergalactic travel, and computer technology, Akomfrah's Afro-futurist documentary posits science fiction as a metaphor for the Pan-African experience of displacement, alienation and otherness. The film intertwines the work of musicians including George Clinton and Sun Ra with the writing of black science fiction authors Samuel R. Delaney and Octavia Butler. Images of Pan-African life from different periods of history are edited together with interviews with leading cultural figures including DJ Spooky, musician Derek May, astronaut Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr., Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols, novelist Ismael Reed, and cultural critics Greg Tate and Kodwo Eshun.

Last Angel of History
October 16-23, 2011

Friends of the Congo, True-Walker Productions, and Maysles Cinema Present:
Congo in Harlem 3

This the third annual series of Congo-related films and special events at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem. This year's program features a wide range of films by Congolese and international directors, representing some of the most important issues facing the Democratic Republic of Congo today. Most screenings will be followed by panel discussions, special events, musical performances, and receptions. Congo in Harlem 3 will provide audiences with more than the traditional movie-going experience -- it will offer opportunities to celebrate Congolese culture, learn about the ongoing humanitarian crisis, engage in dialogue, and get involved.

A critical focus of this year's program will be the upcoming 2011 presidential elections in Congo, scheduled to take place in late November. Key issues will be addressed in panel discussions and post-screening Q&As.

Highlights of the program include "Re-contextualizing Rape" a panel discussion featuring Activist Gloria Steinem, Panzi Foundation President Lee Ann De Reus, and other special guests (October 18th); Kafka in Congo and Murder in Kinshasa (October 19th and 20th) featuring post-screening discussions with directors Marlène Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman; a dynamic duo of sensational music films, Kinshasa Symphony and Benda Bilili! (October 17th and 21st) ; and a special appearance by Djo Munga, acclaimed director of Viva Riva! (October 22nd and 23rd).

Throughout the series, there will be a silent auction of fashion items created by African designers, courtesy of Bel Esprit. Proceeds from the auction will help support the ongoing programming of Congo In Harlem.

Congo in Harlem 3 is a non-profit series. All events have been made possible by the generous support of the Caipirinha Foundation, V-Day, Panzi Foundation, DISH Africa TV, and contributions from other organizations and individuals.

***All proceeds from Congo in Harlem will go toward a fund for emerging Congolese filmmakers ***

Series Partners and Friends:

Friends of the Congo, Man-Up, Now AfriCAN, Project Girl Performance Collective, HEAL Africa, Panzi Foundation, Cultures of Resistance, Mutaani FM, Yole!Africa, V-Day, Tabilulu Productions, Music Box Films, National Geographic Entertainment, New York African Film Festival

Congo in Harlem 3

Series Schedule

Sunday, October 16, 3:00PM

Breaking the Silence: Congo Week

Cultures of Resistance, 2010, 3 min.

Blood in the Mobile

Dir. Franck Piasecki Poulsen, 2010, 82 min.

Director Franck Piasecki Poulsen embarks on a personal mission to uncover the origin of the minerals in his Nokia cell phone. Navigating the bureaucracy, corruption, and dangers of eastern Congo, he arrives at Bisie, one of the largest and most notorious illegal mines in the region, where armed groups maintain tight control and inhumane conditions and child labor runs rampant. Determined to know if his cell phone is funding conflict in the Congo, Poulsen works his way into Nokia's corporate offices, where he confronts executives about their mineral supply chain.

Discussion to follow film

Monday, October 17, 7:30PM

Papa Wemba: Singing for a Democratic Congo

Cultures of Resistance, 2010, 4 min.

Kinshasa Symphony

Dir. Claus Wischmann and Martin Baer, 2010, 95 min.

In a country better known for conflict and corruption, a group of 200 individuals has managed to forge one of the most complex systems of human cooperation ever undertaken: a symphony orchestra. As the musicians prepare for a public performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, they must overcome a litany of challenges, including power cuts, traffic noise, makeshift instruments, and the rigors of survival in one of the world's most chaotic cities. The result is a document of passion, cooperation, and the power of music.

Tuesday, October 18, 7:30PM

Co-Presented by the Panzi Foundation


Re-contextualizing Rape

Congo has been dubbed the "Rape Capital of the World", but why? This panel will explore the complexities that contribute to gender-based violence in Congo, and examine the role of rape in popular understanding of Congo's crisis. Panelists will discuss activist dilemmas in tackling the problem, offer perspectives from the ground, and suggest meaningful ways to make a difference.

Panelists: Gloria Steinem, Feminist activist, and co- founder of the women's media center Lee Ann De Reus

Gloria Steinem

President of the Board, Panzi Hospital Foundation

Other guests to be announced

Panel Preceded by:

Voices Without Borders: Project Girl Congo

Directed by Jessica Greer Morris

The Project Girl Performance Collective will perform an excerpt their theatrical piece "Voices Without Borders," based on the experience, strength and hope of young girls in DR Congo and the US.

Women Beyond War: A World March in Africa

Cultures of Resistance, 2010, 5 min.

Congo: A Common Cause

Dir. Shana Mongwana, 2011, 15 min.

Zero Tolerance

Dir. Dieudo Hamadi, 2010, 18 min.


Wednesday, October 19, 7:30PM

Kafka in Congo

Dir. Marlène Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman, 2010, 59 min.

Fifteen years ago, Gorette Mawuzu's land was stolen from her. Too poor to hire an attorney, she had been representing herself in court for the past decade and a half without clear resolution. At the same time, Bahati Lukwebo, an administrator responsible for the National Congolese Assembly's finances maneuvers to maintain his position within a dysfunctional bureaucracy. From opposite ends of the social spectrum, this elegantly observed film reveals the challenges and corruption built into Congo's legal system.

Discussion with directors Marlène Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman


Thursday, October 20, 7:30PM

Thembo Kash: Cartooning For Justice DRC/Congo

Cultures of Resistance, 2010, 5 min.

Murder in Kinshasa: Who Killed Laurent Désiré Kabila?

Dir. Marléne Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman, 2011, 48 min.

On January 16th, 2001, Laurent Désiré Kabila, the President of DR Congo, was murdered by one of his bodyguards. Moments later, the bodyguard was shot and killed, setting the stage for one of Congo's greatest mysteries. With unprecedented access to key actors in the assassination -- including a hidden camera passed to one of the accused in prison --

Murder in Kinshasa

poses vital questions about a case that will likely go unsolved in the annals of Congolese history.

Discussion with directors Marlène Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman


Friday, October 21, 7:30PM

Lexxus Legal: Hip Hop for Social Change

Cultures of Resistance, 2010, 4 min.

Benda Bilili!

Dir. Renaud Barret and Flaurent De La Tullaye, 2010, 85 min.

Courtesy of National Geographic Entertainment

From the gritty slums of Kinshasa to packed concert halls in Europe,

Benda Bilili!

charts the improbable transformation of five paraplegics and a virtuoso street-kid into a global music phenomenon. Their band, Staff Benda Bilili (meaning "Beyond Appearances") is living proof that against all odds, dreams can become reality.

Reception + Live music


Saturday, October 22, 7:30PM

Viva Riva!

Dir. Djo Munga, 2011, 96 min.

Courtesy Of music Box Films

Riva is a small time operator who has just returned to Kinshasa with a fortune in hijacked petrol. With wads of cash and out for a good time, Riva is soon entranced by a beautiful nightclub siren, who also happens to be the kept woman of a local gangster. Into the mix comes Riva's Angolan crime-lord ex-boss, who is after his stolen fuel. Director Djo Munga's high-octane thriller is the first major action film shot in Kinshasa in nearly two decades, and landmark film in Congolese cinema.

Discussion with director Djo Munga + Reception


Sunday, October 23, 3:00PM


Youth Power: From Cairo to Congo

Using the North African revolution as a starting point, this panel will explore the Congolese youth movement, and its potential impact on the upcoming elections as young Congolese strive to have greater say in the future of their country.


Jimme Briggs, Journalist, author and founder of the Man-up campaign

Nathaniel Houghton Founder CEO of Congo Leadership Initiative

Priscilla Kounkou- Hoveyda , Co-founder NowAfriCAN

Kambale Musavuli Activists and student for fRinds of the Congo

Panel Preceded by:

Building Beyond Conflict: Inspiring Congolese Kids For A Brighter Future

Cultures of Resistance, 2010, 7 min.

Papy (Mon Histoire)

Dir. Djo Munga, 2007, 53 min.

When Papy, a policeman living in Kinshasa, discovers that he has AIDS his life begins to spin out of control. His wife abandons him, leaving him to care for their two children, and he is even rejected by his own sister. In order to get treatment, he must have a family member serve as a confidant, but with nobody to turn to, what will Papy do? Based on a true story, Papy is hard-hitting drama that ultimately inspires a message of hope.

Discussion with director Djo Munga + closing night reception

Monday, November 7th, 7:00pm
DocWatchers Presents:
A Special Screening of Salesman in Honor of
Al Maysles' 85th Birthday on November 26th
Curated By Hellura Lyle

Albert Maysles, David Maysles & Charlotte Zwerin, 1968, 85 min.

The documentary follows four salesmen as they travel across New England and Southeast Florida trying to sell expensive Bibles door-to-door in low-income neighborhoods. The film focuses in particular on the struggles of salesman Paul Brennan, a middle-aged Irish-American Roman Catholic from Boston, who struggles to keep up his sales.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Albert Maysles

Film Trailer

Monday, November 14th, 7:00pm
DocWatchers Presents:
Promised Land

Yoruba Richen, 2010, 52 min.
Though apartheid ended in South Africa in 1994, economic injustices between blacks and whites remain unresolved. As revealed in Yoruba Richen's incisive Promised Land, the most potentially explosive issue is land. The film follows two black communities as they struggle to reclaim land from white owners, some of whom who have lived there for generations. Amid rising tensions and wavering government policies, the land issue remains South Africa's "ticking time bomb," with far-reaching consequences for all sides.

Q&A with Director Yoruba Richen & Reception to follow screening

Film Trailer

December 12th-December 18th, 7:30pm

Presented by Livia Bloom


Dir. Agnès Varda, 1975, 75 min.

An essential film in Agnès Varda's oeuvre, this classic documentary makes its US theatrical premiere in this week-long engagement at the Maysles Cinema. A highlight of the 1975 New York Film Festival that has rarely been seen in the States since then, Daguerreotypes is a portrait of the small shops and shopkeepers on the Rue Daguerre, a picturesque street in the 14th Arrondissement that has been the filmmaker's home for more than 50 years. The title is also a pun, referring to the early photographic process of printing on silver-plated copper that was developed by Louis Daguerre in the early 19th-century. As in her films The Beaches of Agnes and The Gleaners and I Varda, who narrates the film, gently opens up a fantastic world in microcosm. One by one, viewers meet her shopkeeper neighbors--the butcher, the grocer, the barber and their families--both in their own domains and then at a daring magic show.

Maysles Cinema
343 Lenox Ave
(127th and 128th streets)
New York, NY 10027

The Maysles Cinema was founded by documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles and is directed by Jessica Green. Please direct press inquiries, including requests for complimentary tickets to cinema@mayslesinstitute.org, or contact the Cinema at 212.582.6050 ext 221